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updated 8 July 2022

Jupiter expands upon the work of rockets to develop a hardware prototype of a model rocket with thrust vectoring. I am still in the early phases, but when completed this project will include:

  • A full 3D 6DOF simulation of the hardware, with control strategies and hyper-parameter testing
  • A hardware prototype that uses ducted fans for propulsion and is autonomously controlled
  • Supporting test hardware to develop mathematical models (for the simulation) with actual flight hardware
  • A cool flight demo video from onboard cameras!

See this video for an example of the inspiration for this project.

Completion of this project will take quite a lot of time and effort, but I’m excited to get started! Some of the things I hope to learn along the way:

  • PID tuning and use of these controllers inline to reduce overall system error
  • Kalman filters, for multi-sensor fusion and state estimation
  • Constrained LQR
  • Robust control techniques
  • Inertial navigation
  • Embedded systems and “pseudo-real-time” development
  • Further learning of C++ and Python programming

Similar Projects

Other people have completed similar projects! Some of the interesting ones I found:

It looks like most of these “Electric Ducted Fan Rockets” (EDF) are designed to be remotely controlled and fly like a drone, rather than autonomously.

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